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                                                                            Terms and Conditions


  • 50% Payment will be charged as token minimum 180 days in advance to lock the dates and Maximum 30 days in advance or else dates won’t be considered as confirmed locked.


  • Advance payment  is non refundable in case cancellation is done when 30 days left in the event.​

  • We won’t be responsible for missing out “Family Shots”/“Wedding Couple Shots” if prior time is not provided by Family or Couple due to any reason!


  • Nothing complimentary or extra would be given if it is not mentioned in communication mails.


  • Due to multiple factors involved, images produced at every wedding are bound to be very different. We do not take any responsibility of unsuitable weather conditions, natural mishaps factors/circumstances beyond our control such as venue design, décor, lateness/unwillingness/unavailability of the individuals to be photographed, other photographers/videographers’ lights, décor LED lights, schedule complications, venue restrictions, etc. We won’t be responsible if we are not provided with time for couple shots during the wedding ceremony, We always request to give us the 30 minutes of time from couple and couple’s family for same. On rejection of such requests, we shall not be held responsible for same!

  • Shots of guests having food are not photographed by our team, It's awkward to shoot and being shot while having food.


  • Candid photographers and Cinematographers shall not be held responsible in case of refusal for group shots if they are focused or shooting any important ceremony/creative frame, Shall not call for complaints.

  • Travel, Meals and Accommodation is to be taken care of by Client.


  • Our team works with dedication continuously, never gets on the break. Food shall be provided during the Sajjan Court itself, considering the resting time as well as meal time.


  • In case of damage to equipment due to any kind of activity, misbehave, mishap by any of your family member, friends,  guest or host during the event [before and after at the premises also] calls for payment for the damage. It is to be paid by the client.


  • If there is any change in date or cancellation of event last minute, payment will be charged for that day. Might be waived to an extent as per team discussion.

  • Soft copy photos and videos delivery time is 10-15 weeks


  • Video Edits for the first time will be considered for re-edit, second time only the minor changes will be done if left any in first time, post that it’ll chargeable editor’s cost per hour basis.


  • Album construction period completely depends on client selection duration and proofing time taken by client solely, any delay due to time consuming effort by client is not on “shootmyshaadi” delay in action.


  • We are authorised to use the best shots from wedding/event for promotions and marketing over our own website, facebook, instagram or any other social media platform. No prior intimidation or consent would be required from your end. If there is any issue with the same, You need to inform us prior the wedding deal.

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